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This channel is an initiative to spread financial knowledge and ensure that every person makes an informed decision regarding the investment.Many people make mistakes while in investing in stocks that result in ending up with loss.Financial Markets are all ever dynamic,situations change all the time. Making profit is all about grabbing the opportunity where and when it exists & survival is all about exiting the markets at the right time.That is what we aim to do. Disclaimer: We are not SEBI Registered,SOVI does not recommend Buy or sell stocks , These videos are made only for Educational purpose. Note : 1) We are not on Any Other platform Except Youtube & Instagram .Any channel in name of "School of value investing" in Telegram,Twitter is Undoubtedly "FAKE" please stay away from those fake channels & We dont provide Any paid course on Telegram & dont Ask Money in any form. 3) For premium Research content Join Membership Business Queries :-

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